The Trust

The Sir Nicholas Winton Memorial Trust was set up on 29th October 2018 to hold the historic and more recent documents, photographs, artefacts and memorabilia of Sir Nicholas Winton. Its aim is to conserve the archive for the future to enable its use for educational and research purposes in order to promote Nicholas Winton's legacy and principles.

The current Trustees are all members of Sir Nicholas' family, who believed that these documents and artefacts had historic value and needed to be preserved intact for future generations.

They are: Barbara Winton (daughter), Stephen Watson (son-in-law), Laurence Watson (grandson), Holly Watson (granddaughter).

Requests for loan of exhibition materials, research questions, and other information related to Sir Nicholas' life and archive can be made to

A peek into the Archives
11 May 2020
ARP Christmas Card.

A 1939 Christmas card from the Air Raid Precautions depot in Hampstead – two stretcher bearers in gas masks carrying a Christmas pudding across the ‘Winton line’.

Nicholas Winton joined the ARP unit after resigning his job on the Stock exchange just before war was declared. As a volunteer member of the St John’s Ambulance Brigade, he was qualified to run the depot on Haverstock Hill set up by Hampstead Borough Council. In the early weeks , they were occupied with training but not much action and so the brigade entertained themselves with music. Many of the other volunteers were members of prestigious London orchestras and brought their instruments in to work. By spring 1940 Nicholas felt he could be doing more useful work and joined the Red Cross, where he was in the first wave of ambulance crews sent over the France.

30 April 2020
Czech Children Committee badge.

Artefact from history: A brass committee badge, with red enamel words “Czech Children Committee”.

This object was only found a few weeks ago, during cataloguing of Nicholas Winton’s archive. It was found in a small box containing historical personal letters. The box was kept in his desk drawer and the badge was beneath the letters, where it must have remained unseen for 80 years. This badge must have been made and worn in early 1939 after Nicholas Winton appointed himself the Honorary Secretary of the Children’s Section of the British Committee for Refugees from Czechoslovakia. Perhaps he felt it would give him more authority when dealing with the Government and the other refugee organisations & groups he engaged with.



The Archive contains:

Original documents

Copies of original documents and photos donated to international institutions



Awards from UK, Czech, Slovak, German and other governments and international organisations


Media interviews and programmes: audio-visual, audio, paper and digital.